The 3 Ways You Can Sell Your Yoga Courses Or Offers Online 

September 18, 2022

Yoga Marketing

How To Create The Perfect Plan To Launch Your Online Yoga Course?

When is the right time to launch a new yoga offer or service online?

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Training, mentoring and coaching yoga teachers since 2016, from a tiny island called Nusa Lembongan, located next to Bali  (Indonesia). I love teaching yoga, go freediving and spending time with my doggies, hubby and 4 years old boy.


The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for selling services and offers online.

In the past, if you wanted to sell your services or programs, you had to do it in person or through mail order. Today, many ways exist to reach a wider audience and sell your services or offers online.

As a yoga teacher, you may wonder how to sell your services or offers online. Let’s clear up our mindset about selling and that there is only one way to sell or market ourselves.

There are many ways to sell, but they are all comprised of 3 main pathways. Using those 3 pathways will help you have a steady income during the year and not rely only on launching, Black Friday, birthday sales, etc.

1.  Launching

The first selling pathway is launching. And if you have been in my world for a while, you probably heard me talking about launching a lot, as this is the best way to grow your community as you sell. It is like a full-on package.

Launching means that, like a rocket before the take-off, you need to warm up your engine, which is your community. You will warm them up with problem and solution awareness using your social media content, podcast, blog, or whatever you use to connect with your community.

If your community is already very warm, they know you and trust you, then it can take as short as 40 days to launch a new offer, or if they do not know you or you have a small audience that you want to grow first and warm up, it can take you up to 3 months to launch a new offer.

I usually teach a 10-week launch strategy in my programs, but everything depends on your business.

When you launch, everything will be about this new offer, and all your content and strategy will be specific. It is not the best time to mix things up and confuse your audience with multiple offers.

So if you need to wait 10 weeks to launch, you might be wondering “how can I make money during those 10 weeks”. Fair enough! This is why, you have to combine it with the next 2 pathways.

2. Direct Selling or The Behind The Scene Conversations

Direct Selling is when you have conversations with your audience via dm, in emails, or calls, and you directly sell them the offer that you think is best for them. This is truly an underrated way to sell.

Remember you don’t have to wait for your launch to be over to sell something else but to avoid confusing your audience, you don’t want to post about many offers at the same time. For example, when I was launching the DFY Personalized Launch Content Plan, my direct selling strategy was 1:1, and I sold out my spots by doing direct selling.

This allowed me to base all my content on one offer and behind the scene to sell all the spot for my 1:1 coaching without making one single post on social media about it.

Getting a clear strategy on how to reach your income goal does not have to be complicated. In fact the easiest your strategy is, the best it is for you and for your potential student. 

For this second pathway to work, you need to have conversations with your community already. This is a forever ongoing process of making your content on point and giving them the chance and authorization to contact you and ask you questions in your dm on Instagram, Facebook or by Email.

One yoga teacher was just telling me last week that she had a very hard time selling after her free event. She did a free challenge, and then people were saying how amazing it was, and that was it. They participated to the challenge, a few people joined the offer and then what?

This is why it is essential to have multiple offers that help you reach your income goal without stress.

You need to have a strategy that allows you to sell without being salesy. And using a heart-centered sales process is important to me as a yoga teacher because we do not want to push anyone to buy.

We want to serve people. This is probably why you created this offer. You created a workshop or training that you think will help them.

So how can you communicate this value without being pushy or looking in despair at having signed up? This is simply about using the right dm script.

You need to use a simple script to understand your audience needs and be able to do sales with ease. All the students in Elevate 6-month Program are given a script for their dm that helps them to make sales with confidence.

3. Automated Sales

If you have a website for your yoga business, you should definitely use it to sell your services! You can add a “Services” page to your website and list all of your available offerings. Make sure to include detailed descriptions and pricing information so potential clients know exactly what they would be getting if they hired you. You can also add an online booking system to your website so clients can book appointments directly with you.

To do this, you will need to set up a payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe. Once you have done so, you can add “Buy Now” buttons to your website where customers can purchase your offerings. When a customer purchases one of your offerings, they will be directed to a confirmation page and will also receive an email receipt. 

Please note that if you choose to sell directly from your website, you will be responsible for marketing your offerings. You may want to consider using social media, email marketing, or Google Ads to reach potential students. 

Automated sales mean that you have an automated way to generate sales. This can be used simply for upsells and downsells.

Those 2 are when someone buys something from you, they have the choice to add something else to their cart that is such a good offer they cannot say no. This is a great way to increase the amount spent per student.

But do not worry if you have nothing automated yet; if you keep growing your yoga biz online, you will!

I am sure you have all experienced this when you bought an online program and went for payment and saw a special offer to add a smaller course or template or cheatsheet in your cart, and you think, “why not” so you buy it.

Another way that I love is to set up an email sequence from your freebie leading to a small course or recorded workshop. For example, you could have a free pdf guide about setting up a yoga routine with automated emails coming once a week after they signed up for your freebie and at the end offering your mini-course yoga for beginners that want to include yoga in their morning routine.


When planning your income for the year and launch plan make sure to integrate other sources of income. Be sure to consider what will work best for you and your business. If you need help getting started, feel free to contact me today! I would be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Now implement this in your own business to increase your income and sales.

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How To Create The Perfect Plan To Launch Your Online Yoga Course?

When is the right time to launch a new yoga offer or service online?

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Training, mentoring and coaching yoga teachers since 2016, from a tiny island called Nusa Lembongan, located next to Bali  (Indonesia). I love teaching yoga, go freediving and spending time with my doggies, hubby and 4 years old boy.


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