Business coaching for yoga teachers who want a freedom filled life and career.

Stop being tied to teach 20 classes a week in a studio to "make it" as a yoga teacher!


Just because you chose to pursue a yoga career does NOT mean you should not be able to afford going on holidays or paying your bills.

You deserve to spend time with your family without having to rush off to a second job or your 4th yoga class of the day.

You deserve to travel and explore the world without being tied to one location.

You deserve to dive deeper into your own practice without feeling burnt out from teaching. 

You deserve to have a dependable yoga career you can count on regardless of the economy.

You deserve it all.

Because it’s not just about making a living as a yoga teacher. 

It’s about sharing the benefits of yoga while growing a sustainable and wildly profitable yoga career online so you can impact more lives while working less.

And the best part is, you don’t have to be a business or marketing strategist to make that happen. That’s where I come in…


Your students are online. And they’re waiting for the unique impact your teaching offers…


Create an irresistible online yoga course (the right way)


As a business and marketing strategist for yoga teachers, I help you take your in-person yoga career to the next level by building out a profitable online yoga business.

How can you trust I’ll be able to help you build a thriving business teaching yoga beyond solely in-person classes? Because I’ve done it myself! 

With dozens of online courses, hundreds of successful students, and transformational online yoga masterminds reaching students all over the world, I’m an example of all the possibilities that are in reach for yoga teachers just like you.

My mission is to help you elevate your yoga career on every level. Because it’s not just about making a living as a yoga teacher—it’s about the long-term, life-changing results for you AND your students.

Ready to create the life of freedom and flow you dream of? 
This is only just the beginning…

Yoga Business Coach, Marketing Strategist & Yoga Teacher Trainer

Hi, I'm Gwen!

“I’m currently offering 99% of my teaching online—only 1% is live.

Gwen’s a great person to align your passion with the lifestyle you want to lead without feeling depleted and overwhelmed.”

- Abigail Taugwalder

“Gwen’s program is amazing. As a matter of fact, I did the first Elevate program and I continue to work with her because she helped me focus my niche, get over my resistances, and break down really impossible tasks into easily digestible bits. 

I’m doing things now that I never thought I would be able to do such as social media and being organized, and I’m seeing results.

For the first time, I’m feeling so successful. I have a lot of hope for the future based on my work with Gwen.”

- Jen Kagan
Iyengar Yoga Teacher

“You can definitely trust Gwen. I used to hate social media and finally, I really love it. I grew a community for my ideal students for my niche, and in less than 3 months, I had more than 1,000 members.

I cannot imagine how I could do this so quickly without Gwen. Now I’m loving marketing that I used to hate so much.”

- Pauline Blaquiere
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

"As a new yoga teacher, I was so overwhelmed. But Gwen helped me to break everything down into smaller manageable pieces to help me stay successful.

I found my niche, and with a better focus on my goals, was able to reach them without floundering. Finding the students that align with what I do was a wonderful experience."

- Rachael Mead Bielecki
Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“Gwen will guide you and help you align with what works for you, what language works for you, what kind of tone you want to give. She’s an amazing coach.

I really recommend working with her if you want to finally feel relaxed when you’re teaching or coaching online or offline and build the life you want.”

- Abigail Taugwalder
Breathwork & Yin Yoga Teacher

“Gwen and I worked on refining my niche and my message and making sure every piece of content I create is about that. We’ve also worked on creating my online course and pre-launch strategy. 

I made a lot of progress, I have so much more clarity, and I know where I’m going. It was really priceless to work with Gwen.”

Maud Eekman
Yoga Teacher & Mindset Coach

“If you’re anything like me and want to get your yoga business set up online yesterday, not in six months, Gwen takes you step by step.

I took her advice, and my program was set up and launched in less than two months and was so successful—I had 30 people enroll. 

This has helped me grow my business and I can do what I love, which is helping people.”

Jackie Suginada
Kundalini Yoga teacher

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