The Inner Circle

You are starting from zero and want to build a sustainable and profitable online yoga business from the ground up, or you are ready to scale to a six-figure yoga business with ease and authenticity. 

For the yoga teacher who is all in!

You wake up every day knowing exactly what to do to grow your business, your bank account is full, and you are doing what you love, which is helping people.

Imagine what it would be like...

And even better, you are able to do all of that while being serene, confident and calm. You can move away from your corporate job because you have built the yoga business of your dream. You have complete clarity on what you are doing and where you are heading. You know exactly what to do when you want to attract new people to your community or when you wish to bring one of your course ideas to life. Everything you create and offer sells like hotcakes because you have a repeatable system you trust and follow.

Sounds amazing, right?! It is my reality, and if I can do it, you can be sure that you can too!

What is The Inner Circle exactly?!

The Inner Circle is a year-long commitment where you will get every program, masterclass and course in my world plus a monthly "pull back the curtain" training and access to my Voxer broadcast.

You get access to Elevate Program curriculum, my signature offer (without the coaching calls). This is where I recommend everyone in my world to start. It is my most intensive program with over 60 trainings covering everything from finding your niche to content to sales to launching to course creation to mindset. This is your starting point. And even if you have done other business programs before, you will want to review this to finally launch successful offers with ease. This is everything my clients and I used to build a multi six figure yoga business. You will get immediate access to it as soon as you join.

Beyond that, you will get access to everything in my entire suite of offers for 12 months. This includes all my current programs but also all the additional courses, masterclasses, and workshops, I will run. These programs are designed to perfectly compliment Elevate Program and deepen your knowledge and understanding. All these programs together are over $6000 and are released incrementally throughout the year (scroll down for the breakdown and calendar).

On top of that, you will have access to one monthly training. This "pull back the curtain" training will give you a priceless look at the BTS of my business that month. Where I am going, my new launch strategies, what I am doing, what strategy I have used that flopped and what is working wonderfully, how I am holding myself steady... all of it. A training where I pull back the curtain for you on running a multi-six figure business the easy, simple, and freedom-filled way.

You are making more income as a yoga teacher that you used to in your corporate career.

You don't wonder anymore where and when your next client will come in as you have systems in place to convert your community into paying clients for your yoga offers and courses.

You have a clear suite of offers that works for you and retains your students rather than always looking for new ones.

You have mastered the art of creating content on social media that sells and your offerings are fully booked.

Take a second to imagine what being a yoga teacher could mean for you.

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You can have a profitable and sustainable yoga business without all the headaches you think it'll take to get there.

As a business and mindset coach for yoga teachers, I help you take your in-person yoga career to the next level by building out a profitable online yoga business.

How can you trust I’ll be able to help you build a thriving business teaching yoga beyond solely in-person classes? Because I’ve done it myself! 

With dozens of online yoga courses, hundreds of successful students, and transformational online yoga trainings reaching students all over the world, I’m an example of all the possibilities that are in reach for yoga teachers just like you.

I have been mentoring and coaching yoga teachers like you since 7+ years and I am so passionate about showing you how you can live from your passion of teaching yoga by adding online offers.

As a mama of a little 4 years old boy and living on a tiny 7km2 island close to Bali (Indonesia) I believe that it is important to build a business that suit a balanced lifestyle.

Business & Mindset Coach + Yoga TeacheR WIth 7000+ teaching hours.

Hi, I'm Gwen!

“I would recommend Gwen to all my fellow yoga teachers that don’t just want to teach 60-minute classes twice per day or more, and to those who want to give to their clients more of what yoga can offer.

Gwen gave me the right path to follow in order to succeed in my online business.” 

- Ionna Sarafi
Yoga & Self Care Instructor

I am glad you asked. Here is what you get:

And just so we are clear, all the courses I create exist because they are essential to building a sustainable and profitable yoga business. I don't do fluff, so if it's here, it's because you will need it on your way to your six-figure yoga business.


It is my most intensive program with over 60 trainings covering everything from finding your niche to content to sales to launching to course creation to mindset. Whatever you have done before, this is where I recommend all my clients to start. This is everything you need to build a six-figure yoga business. Valued at $1497. This is a self-paced curriculum so you can dive right it.

You get access as soon as you sign up.

The exact step-by-step framework I wish I had when I started my podcast. This no fluff course will take you from zero to having launched your own podcast and know how to market it. You will never regret having started a podcast and growing your community outside of social media. Valued at $222

Drops in December.

For the yoga teacher, ready to create high ticket offerings. You know that what you offer can be packaged in a premium and personalized 1:1 program. This course will show you how to craft a 1:1 high-ticket offer and sell it. You will learn how to use your DMs and conduct sales calls using my heart-centered sales script to get a high conversion level. Valued at $888.

Drops in January.

A deep dive intensive course that will walk you step-by-step in setting up your evergreen funnel. From choosing the right free resource to knowing your ideal client so well that they will think at every step, "OMG she is in my head", to converting them into paying students. All of this without you even having to sell your offer actively. This is the beauty of setting up an evergreen funnel! Valued at $1111.

Drops in April.

The course that has been missing in the yoga industry. You love teaching yoga, but you want to show up to a higher level to help your students in a BIGGER way. This is for the yoga teacher who is ready to reposition themselves and add coaching to what they currently offer. Yoga Teacher To Coach is the program where you will learn how to conduct coaching sessions that truly give your clients results and how to market yourself as a coach. Valued at $1111.

Drops in August.

For the yoga teacher who want to step up into the role of CEO. Running a yoga business all alone can be exhausting! After the Yoga Business Expansion, you will know exactly what legal set up you need for your specific business, how and when to hire a VA and some other team members and what are the exact steps you need to do to scale your business. And beyond the practical levels, we will dive deeper into what it means to show up as the CEO and how to upgrade your mindset. Valued at $555

Drops in September.

A powerful course that takes you through the exact process of hitting high-income months with a small Instagram following. No more "but my following isn't big enough" excuses. We will completely reset your Instagram from A to Z so it does its job: attracting new clients. This no-fluff, right-to-the-point program will transform your Ig account into a magnet that attracts your ideal students EVERY DAY. Valued at $222.

Drops in November.

That's not all!
You also get access to:

And because I love to spoil you...

There is a time when you realize that creating content is suppose to be THE thing that make people buy... But, the thing is that creating content is not a skill we are born with. And if like most yoga teachers I know, your days are already packed with other things to do, you might put content at the end of the list.. Effortless Content is THE course you need to finally find ease in creating high converting content that attracts ready-to-buy people to your offers. Valued at $555

You get access as soon as you sign up.

Engage with purpose the only program of its kind as it teaches you how to build and grow a meaningful Facebook community. You will learn how to set up your Facebook group step-by-step but also how to grow your group quickly. How does 1000 members in 1 month sounds to you? These are the results that most yoga teachers had after taking this course. Valued at $555.

You get access as soon as you sign up.

This 7 lessons mini-course has changed hundreds of yoga businesses so far. If you are tired of running from studio to studio or teaching online and want to quickly see what offers you could create to reach your next income goal, you are at the right place. The 50K Method is the exact method I took as a yoga teacher to make my first 50k from teaching yoga. Valued at $44

You get access as soon as you sign up.

Any and all additional pop-up programs, mini-mind I run as well as paid masterclasses and workshops that drop throughout the year. PLUS, don't forget about the monthly "pull back the curtain" trainings every single month, where I will discuss the latest strategies! You also get access to my weekly Voxer Broadcast The Epowered Yoga Teacher, so that you can stay motivated and focused as you grow your yoga business.

You also get access to:

i want this

And that's not even all...

“If you’re anything like me and want to get your yoga business set up online yesterday, not in six months, Gwen takes you step by step.

I took her advice, and my program was set up and launched in less than two months and was so successful—I had 30 people enroll. 

This has helped me grow my business and I can do what I love, which is helping people.”

Jackie Suginada
Kundalini Yoga teacher

“Gwen’s program is amazing. As a matter of fact, I did Elevate program and I continue to work with her because she helped me focus my niche, get over my resistances, and break down really impossible tasks into easily digestible bits. 

I’m doing things now that I never thought I would be able to do such as social media and being organized, and I’m seeing results.

For the first time, I’m feeling so successful. I have a lot of hope for the future based on my work with Gwen.”

- Jen Kagan
Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Access to Elevate Program curriculum to build your entire yoga business from the ground up.

All my other program, masterclass and courses for an entire year.

One monthly pull-back-the-curtain training
Any pop up program or resources I created that is not listed here.

Access to my broadcast on Voxer where I share weekly tips, strategies and motivation.

Payment plan

$3333 PIF

Access to Elevate Program curriculum to build your entire yoga business from the ground up.

All my other program, mini-mind, masterclass and courses for an entire year.

One monthly pull-back-the-curtain training

Any pop up program or resources I created that is not listed here.

Access to my broadcast on Voxer where I share weekly tips, strategies and motivation.

(Your best deal!)

Pay in full

Valued at over $6000 and currently priced at half that

I am so ready for this!



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12 x $333


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“If you are thinking of joining, absolutely do it!
Gwen is the real deal. She has a lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom, so you can really catapult your growth and make it happen faster.”


This is not for you if...

but will this work for me?

You know you have the potential to build a six-figure yoga business, you just don't know how.

You crave simplicity in your business. You don't want to set up complicated systems that needs high maintenance. You want a simple business that you can manage with ease.

You're looking to at least double your income in the next 12 months. You know that what you are doing right now is not working and so you need help crafting a business strategy that will scale your business.

You don't believe in quick fixes. You are here for the long run and know that your business is like a marathon, not like a sprint.

You want a business that works with a small community.

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?

You're not interested in expanding your yoga business online in the next 12 months.

You prefer quick, short-term strategies over building a lasting and meaningful online business.

You don't think you are your best investment.

You're looking for a get-famous-quick scheme or instant results with minimal effort.

You don't want to create passive income revenue from your online yoga offerings.

You're not open to learning new skills or stepping outside your comfort zone.

You have questions, we've got answers!

What happens when i SIGN UP?

When you purchase The Inner Circle, you will be emailed login access to all the programs that are already available in our Teachable school. You can start watching the videos straight away. You will also receive in an email information about our monthly trainings and guidance on how to access the Voxer broadcast. You will also receive an email every time a new course is available.

Can I join only for 1 month?

The Inner Circle is a 12-month program. We believe that to see real progress and results in your business it takes consistency and time to implement and adjust strategies and also mindset. Real transformation takes time and practice.

I want to join, but i already purchased some of those programs. can i have a discount?

Of course! Simply send a DM on IG to Gwen or send us an email at and we will send you back a coupon code of the exact amount you already spent. So let's say you already spent $555 towards one of the program, you will get a $555 discount code. 

When does the program start?

As soon as you sign up, you will get access to all the available programs. If you scroll up, you will see the exact courses that are available now and the calendar of the next programs to come.

I have already done other business programs, is this for me?

Growth never stops and it is essential to continue learning as you grow your own yoga business. Many of the yoga teachers joining our programs are either starting from zero or have done several business coaching programs in the past. What really matters here is that for a whole year, you will not have to listen at multiple conversation or tips. You will be able to really tune into updated strategies that work for yoga teachers right now. These programs contains absolutely everything you will need on your way to a multi six-figures yoga business. It works if you are starting from scratch but also if what you have right now is not ideal and you are ready to freshen this up and get your business finally working for you (and not the other way around)!

Will i have access to elevate coaching calls?

In the Inner Circle, you'll dive into the Elevate curriculum, featuring over 60 self-paced training lessons to scale your yoga business. This option is priced at a $1000 discount, offering significant value. However, it doesn't include the weekly coaching calls and daily Q&A chat available in the full Elevate Program. If these features are crucial for your growth, consider joining Elevate first ($2497), which comes with a $1497 discount for The Inner Circle. Questions? I'm here to help at

This is waiting for you if you join The Inner Circle

Make enough money from your yoga business that you do not need any other source of revenue to enjoy your life.

Waking up every morning knowing exactly what to do to grow your business.

You are doing what you love, which is helping people using your experience and qualifications.

Everything you create and offer sells like hotcakes because you have a repeatable system you trust and follow.

Your business is profitable, sustainable and authentic. 

Imagine if you could...

i'm all in

It’s decision time. You can keep being stuck trying to do it all alone. Or, you can join us for an entire year, and transform your ideas into a profitable yoga business that gives you more freedom, income and impact. 

Are you ready to say yes to finally make your dream yoga business a reality?