Calling all yoga teachers who want to Create & Launch their podcast without COMPLICATED TECH or feeling overwhelmed!

The Podcast Launch Plan

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Imagine a space where your content doesn’t just vanish - where it continues to reach and resonate with your audience long after it's published.

This is the beauty of podcasting.

Instagram, Facebook or TikTok and all their algorithm's updates are giving you headaches. You are creating content that barely reaches your audience, and your posts are quickly getting buried - it's frustrating, right?

You want to build a community online but don't want to show up on social media 24/7.

Waking up to messages from people across the globe who've just listened to your latest podcast episode. They're inspired by your teachings, your stories, and the peaceful energy you bring into their lives. Unlike the fleeting nature of social media posts, your podcast episodes live on, continuously reaching new listeners and deepening your connection with your community.

Visualize yourself sitting in your favorite space, sipping a warm cup of tea, feeling a sense of calm and accomplishment. You've just finished recording an inspiring episode, sharing your unique insights and experiences...

There's no pressure of live cameras or worrying about the perfect post. It's just your authentic voice, sharing wisdom and experiences, creating a ripple of positivity and wellness.

Your podcast has not only become a source of inspiration for others but has also positioned you as an expert. You're invited to speak at events, collaborate with others, and most importantly, you've created a sustainable way to share your passion for yoga without the burnout of social media.

This isn't just a dream. It's a very real possibility with The Podcast Launch Plan. Are you ready to turn this vision into your reality?


This is ALL possible. I'll show you how!

Grow an online presence beyond social media?

Reach hundreds, even thousands of potential students with just your voice?

Become a respected voice in the yoga community, influencing and inspiring on a global scale?

Share your unique yoga journey and insights, creating content that lasts and matters?

Break free from the constraints of social media algorithms and fleeting content?

Establish a legacy in the world of yoga that continues to inspire for years to come?

What if you could...

Which I understand because when the idea popped in my mind for the first time, I had no idea too! And it’s exactly where The Podcast Launch Plan begins. We’ll explore this together as the first step in your podcasting adventure.

And right now you might be thinking that you have no idea, what you would talk about in your podcast...

Being the host of your own podcast is the fastest way to becoming a recognized expert in your field.

In just 30 days, you could have created and launch your own podcast!

The exact step-by-step framework I used to create, launch and market my podcast in less than 30 days.

The Podcast Launch Plan


No lengthy video or complicated tech or tools. This is your simple and easy plan to follow to start your podcast without overwhelm or complicated tech.

Using this podcast course, you will:

Name your podcast, record your intro like a pro and create a unique cover art that is recognizable and attract more listeners to your podcast! 

Map out how you'll monetize your podcast and implement an easy system for converting listeners to paying students.

Find the best recording equipment, software and tools for you (because - as I learned the hard way - there's no one-size-fits-all best microphone!) 

Discover how easy and streamline the entire recording, editing and uploading process can be.

Learn how to get your ideas, write a script and plan your podcast episodes.

Have a real launch strategy so people starts to listen to your podcast from Day 1!

Finally have a growing community that does not rely on you showing up on social media.

i am in!


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This is not for you if...

but will this work for me?

You're a yoga teacher passionate about sharing your knowledge and experiences beyond the mat.

You aspire to build a deeper, more meaningful connection with a global yoga community.

You're looking for a sustainable way to share your voice and teachings without being tied to social media.

You're open to exploring new ways of reaching and inspiring people, even if you're new to podcasting.

You're ready to invest the time and effort to create content that has a lasting impact.

You believe in the power of stories and conversations to transform and enrich lives.

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?

You're not interested in expanding your reach beyond your current social media or local community.

You prefer quick, short-term strategies over building a lasting and meaningful online presence.

You're not ready to commit the time or effort needed to plan, record, and maintain a podcast.

You're looking for a get-famous-quick scheme or instant results with minimal effort.

Podcasting doesn't align with your personal style of communication or teaching.

You're not open to learning new skills or stepping outside your comfort zone.

Creating and launching Elevate Your Yoga Career Podcast, over a year ago, was one of the best decision I made in my business. And to be honest, I don't know anyone who regret starting their own podcast.

After receiving tons of messages and emails from my clients asking me how did I create my podcast, how to get organized to launch it, what platforms and equipment to choose and so many more questions, I decided to pack all of my knowledge into a powerful, but as always straight to the point, course to teach you how to do the same!

If you have been in my world since a while, you know that if I do create a program on a topic it's going to be soooo good!

Podcasting has changed my life and removed the pressure from building my community only on social media and I can't wait to share this with you!


Hi, I'm Gwen!

You will get access to any future updates of the program!


You can sign up now and have done your podcast in 30 days, or also choose to do it in 3 months or 3 years. You have lifetime access!

Lifetime access

I will share with you all the things that have helped me create my podcast fast, without the fluff, I promise!

No fluff!

Writing your first script or your podcast intro has never been easier!

Templates and swipe copies

When you buy the Podcast Launch Plan, you get these things!

ok, let's recap!


Get The Podcast Launch Plan Today

Get it today for only


All your questions answered

What happens when I purchase?

As you are joining this course during the pre-sale, the content of the program will be delivered to you in December. You will receive an email when a new video is available. You have lifetime access to the course and you will get automatic access to all the updated version of this program.


This course is a non-refundable self-paced online course. If you have any questions before signing up, send us an email at

With this program, you can.

Have a podcast of your own.

Get your time back as you spend less time on social media. 

Feel confident in sharing your knowledge. 

Have less overwhelm regarding creating content. 

Grow a community online that want to listen to all your episodes! 

Imagine if you could...

i'm all in

It’s decision time. You can keep being stuck trying to become more visible on social media. Or, you can create your own podcast so that you can reach more people. Join The Podcast Launch Plan today!  

Are you ready to say yes to finally start your podcast?