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The problem is that your yoga teacher training did not teach you how to make a living as a yoga teacher.

Yoga has changed your life, and you have made it your mission to share this amazing practice with others.

I am here to help!

Keep reading if you want to:

Stop getting scattered and have an action plan to follow.

Transforming people's lives and making a living from your passion for yoga should not be a struggle.

It should be exciting and effortless!

Learn how yoga teachers teaching since 10+ years created a thriving career without burning out.

Reach a new income level as a yoga teacher and finally reach financial freedom.

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You have systems and offers in place to easily generate income even when you are not available.

Feeling confident that the offers you create can bring you the income you desire.

Having a clear blueprint and step-by-step method to what to do to generate more income as a yoga teacher.


Trading time for money without any income when you get sick or go to holidays.

Thinking that you might have to return to a 9 to 5 job, to sustain yourself financially.

Not knowing how to generate enough income as a yoga teacher to have financial freedom.

Go from...

Take a second to imagine what being a yoga teacher could mean for you.

Of course, you may still think that you're not "legit, or perhaps you don't know where to start.

You could even think of taking another yoga training and spend your time scrolling through Instagram, wondering how others have found that magical strategy. 

However, it's important to understand that earning money by doing what you love and living a fulfilling life is not limited to others. If you want to have a long yoga career that aligns with your life, there are resources available to guide you along the way.

A self-paced online course for yoga teachers who want to learn the exact blueprint they need to reach 50k per year and more.

The 50k Method



In this course, you will:

Gain the knowledge and skills to create an irresistible suite of offers that go beyond traditional drop-in classes, attracting more students and increasing your income.

Find your niche and map your students' journey. This is the essential step to ensure that the offers you create fill up in no time and that you keep your students coming back for more.

Discover effective pricing and mindset strategies to increase your profit and achieve your income goals. It is time to unlock your earning potential.

Once you know what to do to generate 50k per year as a yoga teacher, this will happen:

your confidence will grow as you will know exactly what you need to do to have a long yoga career.

You will stop trading time for money and be able to have a revenue even when you are away.

you will be able to show up to your students fully rested and content, choosing how often you want to teach.


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“I’m currently offering 99% of my teaching online—only 1% is live.

Gwen’s a great person to align your passion with the lifestyle you want to lead without feeling depleted and overwhelmed.”

- Abigail Taugwalder

In The 50k Method, I reveal the roadmap that helped me transition from teaching up to five classes a day just to make ends meet, to earning as much as $20k per month teaching yoga both online and offline.

Through years of experience and exploration, I've created my unique suite of offers, starting from drop-in classes, evolving into workshops and retreats, and eventually into yoga teacher training. This range of offerings has allowed me to grow a dedicated student base and build a thriving, profitable career.

Drawing on these experiences, I've developed "The 50k Method" to share my practical knowledge and successful strategies with fellow yoga teachers. This course isn't just about financial growth - it's about achieving the freedom to live a life of balance and passion, and create an impact while doing what you love.

Living on a tiny island near Bali, Indonesia, with my 4-year-old son and British husband, I've designed my lifestyle around my yoga career. I have created this method 7 years ago and hundreds of yoga teachers have now grew their income using it.

experienced yoga teacher having taught over 7000 hours of yoga classes and a business strategist!

Hi, I'm Gwen!

Whether you're a seasoned yoga teacher looking to diversify your income streams, or a yoga enthusiast ready to turn your passion into a profitable venture, "The 50k Method" provides you with the roadmap to build a sustainable, successful yoga business. 


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Get Instant Access To:

Lesson 1: The mistake to avoid to stop chasing new students

Lesson 2: Map your student’s journey and find your niche

Lesson 3: Why you need to create a suite of offers

Lesson 4: How to create the perfect suite of offers, in just 3 steps

Lesson 5: How to price your offers

Lesson 6: How to reach your income goal with your suite of offers

Lesson 7: What to do once your suite of offers is ready

Bonus: Watch this if you are stuck with creating your suite of offers

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The 50k Method is for you if:

You have realized that only teaching drop-in classes will not lead to financial freedom.

You do not want to need another job to reach 50k per year and want to include retreats, workshops, online courses or other offers to diversify your source of income.

You want to know how to do this with a clear step-by-step process made by someone that did it herself as a yoga teacher.

You are ready to create your suite of offers with in-person and/or online programs, trainings, workshop or retreats to increase your yearly income.


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