Calling all yoga teachers who want to increase their income and impact!

Growing a sustainable and profitable yoga business in 2023 means adding online yoga offerings to your business!

Suppose you feel that this is you because you are teaching lots of classes. If you want to scale and make more income but want to avoid having to teach more classes or have reached this limit, you are reading this page at the perfect moment.
Did you know that none of the yoga teachers with a long and profitable career only teach group yoga classes? This is because the traditional model of a yoga teaching career with a yoga teacher only being paid when going to the studio is not sustainable. They all then create additional offerings to increase their income.

Because I was already teaching up to 5 classes a day, I couldn't teach more. I tried to attract more students, but I also realized there was a limit to the number of people that could join my classes.

In 2016, I realized I would not be able to teach only yoga classes as a yoga teacher and expect to save money, go on holidays, or even pay all my bills... 


And you know that to transform people's lives and fully experience yoga, you have to offer something other than drop-in classes!

You want to create offers that your students will want and sell them easily without being 24/7 on social media or available in person!

You realized that following lots of small programs, following trends or what worked for other teachers does not work for you.

You are ready to follow a proven step-by-step method to create your own suite of offers!

Transforming people's lives and making a living from teaching yoga shouldn't be a struggle

It should be exciting!

Of course, you may still think that you're not "legit" or do not know enough.

You can even take another yoga training and spend your time scrolling through Instagram, wondering how others have found that magical strategy. 

However, it's important to understand that earning money by doing what you love and living a fulfilling life is not limited to others. If you want to have a long yoga career that aligns with your life, there are resources available to guide you along the way.

You have online offers that really impact your students while preserving your energy.

You have a sales system that allows you to have a regular income that you can improve over time to increase your profit without overloading your schedule with additional classes.

You have confidence in yourself and your business and attract your ideal clients smoothly every day.

You are paid to create your program and not the other way around.

You develop a suite of offers that works for you and retains your students rather than always looking for new ones.

You have a step-by-step, repeatable and customizable plan so you no longer get distracted and complete your projects.

Take a second to imagine what being a yoga teacher could mean for you.

A 6-month group coaching program for yoga teachers who want to expand their teaching online to support their lifestyle, increase their income and impact.

Elevate Program


Say bye-bye to offers that don't sell, wasting time creating useless content, pushy sales methods, loneliness and a lack of organisation.

This is a no-fluff, right to the point program.

With short and effective learning videos, worksheets to support you to take action, technical tutorials to avoid any panic and templates to help you get there faster!

Also weekly group coaching sessions (with replays) all year round with personalized follow-up and direct access to me, on-demand workshops, and a private community to chat and ask any questions that comes up.

Elevate Program is the roadmap you are looking for to develop your online yoga business step by step, with confidence and support!


Join Elevate Program


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Save $200!

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With Elevate Program, you will:

Which allows you to stand out online, support your lifestyle, and generate ongoing income. An ecosystem of offers designed to impact and sell with ease while preserving your time and energy.

Map your suite of offers

Create your irresistible offers

Learn what makes an offer irresistible and how to apply that to YOUR own audience and goals. Discover the exact framework to create your offers from A to Z without overwhelm or wasting time with our Elevate workflow.

Sell and launch with ease

Gain confidence and learn how to sell your offers by simply being you, with ease and authenticity without being salesy. You will access our own sold-out proven method to launch any offer, from a mini offer to a high ticket program.

What's waiting for you inside

To discover your niche, learn how to conduct your market research, create sold out offers, and access our detailed launch plan and so much more!

The 6 modules are our proven step-by-step method to create, market and sell your yoga offers and services online!

This includes Masterclasses, Homework with personalized feedback by Gwen, Workshops, Templates, Email Sequences, SWIPE copies, Content Calendars etc. 
All ready for you to use!

Lifetime Access to Our 6 Modules

Whatever you have done until now just made you even more ready for what is coming!

You are done trying to do it all by yourself, so it is time to get an expert who has built a successful yoga business online and in person tell you exactly what works and what does not.

We have weekly checkups to decide what you have to do week by week and show you exactly how to do it!

This program is made to avoid any potential overwhelm and for you to feel supported at all times.

6-month Weekly Coaching Calls

You will get access to our small private community of yoga teachers. 

In this safe space, you will find your accountability buddy and support from other teachers going through the same steps as you. We are together through the ups and downs.

You will get guidance and support from our experts on how to use social media, manage your time every week, and so much more. 

Everything you need is here!

Private Community
Of Yoga Teachers

This module includes trainings on:

  • Define your core values, vision and your business model
  • Map your student's transformation.
  • Identify the right suite of offers to create
  • Set your goals and optimize your schedule for productivity.

Refine your expertise and set up your biz foundations

Module 1

This module includes trainings on:

  • Create your unique visual brand identity, with our templates.
  • Create engaging content using the Lotus Method and establish an effective content strategy.
  • Set up your email list, and create a magnetic free resource.
  • Access resources like our six-month content plans and visibility starter packs to start building your community without stress.

Craft Your Brand & Build Your Community

Module 2

This module includes trainings on:

  • Create your first offer (or optimize those you already have)
  • Learn how to create, structure and price a mini-offer + a mid-offer + a transformational program
  • Discover how to choose what to sell first depending on your unique business and goals.
  • We will teach you where to host your programs and offerings, and compare several solutions for you.
  • We will also cover the tech aspect of recording and creating the content of your offer.

Create Irresistible Offers On Repeat

Module 3

This module includes trainings on:

  • Understand the distinct approaches needed for launching different types of offers.
  • Follow structured 7-day and 30-day launch plans, with the provided resources and templates.
  • Access Done-For-You Sales + Marketing Templates to sell your mini and mid offers.
  • Learn to leverage Instagram and Facebook Groups during your launch.

Sell with Ease : Master the Art of Launching A Mini Offer or Mid Offer

Module 4

This module includes trainings on:

  • Map your 10-week launch plan, with our templates and content plans.
  • Discover what to do to guarantee community growth and engagement during your launch, and increase your sales.
  • Learn heart centered sales techniques including DM scripts, DFY masterclass slides, challenge breakdown, organization, and so much more.
  • Sales page training & templates.

Sell with Ease : Master the Art of Launching A Transformational Program (aka Anchor Offer)

Module 5

This module includes trainings on:

  • Analyze your past launch to map your new strategy
  • Strategically expand pricing and develop a yearly calendar of events and launches to reach your income goal.
  • Learn how to sell all year round with ease and without Live events.
  • Understand the secrets to generating consistent income through email automation.

Maximize Your Results, Scale Your Offers & Create Passive Income

Module 6

You will also gain 50 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance

Oh hold up!

We've also got some sweet bonuses for you👇

Bonus 1 (Value at $297)

Engage With Purpose

Your solution to create an engaged community online! This includes video tutorials to help you optimize your social media, content calendar template, swipe copies of welcome messages and so much more! 

Bonus 2 (Value at $297)

The Freebie Workshop

Grow your email list by creating an attractive free resource (that is not a free yoga class!). You will get 3 different templates to choose from including landing page template and an email sequence you can copy/paste and re-use again and again. This is my exact method to gain hundreds of email subscribers, and now it is yours too.

Bonus 3 (Value at $197)

The Productivity Masterclass

Learn how to get organized depending on your personality and goals. You will access my own tracking sheet to help you re-organize the way you work so you can spend less time in front of your phone and computer. You will also get a specific worksheet with tasks you should be focusing on depending on where you are at in your yoga biz.

"Thanks to Gwen. Only 1 week after launching my online program it was already sold out!" 

- Julie M.


Join Elevate Program


One time payment

6-month payment plan

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Save $200!

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As a business and marketing strategist for yoga teachers, I help you take your in-person yoga career to the next level by building out a profitable online yoga business.

How can you trust I’ll be able to help you build a thriving business teaching yoga beyond solely in-person classes? Because I’ve done it myself! 

With dozens of online yoga courses, hundreds of successful students, and transformational online yoga trainings reaching students all over the world, I’m an example of all the possibilities that are in reach for yoga teachers just like you.

I have been mentoring and coaching yoga teachers like you since 7+ years and I am so passionate about showing you how you can live from your passion of teaching yoga by adding online offers.

As a mama of a little 4 years old boy and living on a tiny 7km2 island close to Bali (Indonesia) I believe that it is important to build a business that suit a balanced lifestyle.

Yoga Business Coach, Marketing Strategist & Yoga Teacher Trainer

Hi, I'm Gwen!

“If you’re anything like me and want to get your yoga business set up online yesterday, not in six months, Gwen takes you step by step.

I took her advice, and my program was set up and launched in less than two months and was so successful—I had 30 people enroll. 

This has helped me grow my business and I can do what I love, which is helping people.”

Jackie Suginada
Kundalini Yoga teacher

“You can definitely trust Gwen. I used to hate social media and finally, I really love it. I grew a community for my ideal students for my niche, and in less than 3 months, I had more than 1,000 members.

I cannot imagine how I could do this so quickly without Gwen. Now I’m loving marketing that I used to hate so much.”

- Pauline Blaquiere
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Get All Your Questions Answered

When does the course start?

This program begins the moment you sign up. We value your individuality and understand that everyone has unique learning needs and progresses at their own pace. As such, our program does not operate on the basis of fixed group cohorts, eliminating the concern of falling behind or waiting for specific parts of the course.

Immediately upon enrollment, you also gain access to our weekly coaching sessions. These sessions provide an opportunity for personalized guidance, where you can receive tailored advice that aligns with your learning journey. Additionally, they offer a platform for sharing and drawing inspiration from other participants' experiences.

You are invited to begin when you're ready, move forward at a pace that feels right for you, and benefit from personalized coaching to ensure you get the most out of the program.

What happens when i purchase the program?

When you purchase the program, you will be emailed login access to the Elevate Modules and bonuses in our Teachable school. You can start watching the videos straight away. You will also receive in the email, access to our private community and our Slack Channel to ask any questions you have at any time.

When are the weekly calls?

To cater to different timezones, we usually have two weekly calls. Currently, calls are on Mondays at 8 am and 3 pm Bali time (GMT+8).

What happens if I cannot join the weekly call?

We understand that not everyone can make it to each weekly call due to various schedule constraints. If you're unable to attend, rest assured that all sessions are recorded and will be made available for you to review at your convenience. We also provide written summaries highlighting the key topics covered in each call, so you can easily navigate to sections that are most relevant to you. This flexible structure ensures that you always stay updated and engaged with the course material, no matter your schedule.

Will I have 1:1 time with Gwen?

Absolutely, Gwen is committed to supporting your learning journey. She checks the support group daily from Monday to Friday to answer any questions, typically within a 24-48 hour timeframe. 

In addition to these resources, Gwen hosts two live sessions per week. These sessions are your opportunity to review your progress with her individually. During these group coaching calls, each participant is given dedicated time for personalized attention from Gwen. So, in short, yes – you will definitely have one-on-one time with Gwen throughout the program.

Is this course only for yoga teachers?

Yes, this course is specifically designed with yoga teachers in mind. While the skills and knowledge you bring from other areas of expertise can certainly enhance your learning experience, the core content of our course is tailored to the unique and distinct needs of certified yoga teachers. We focus on helping yoga professionals create offers that truly stand out in the industry, making this program an ideal fit for those engaged in yoga teaching.

How much time do i need to commit?

To get the most out of this program, we recommend setting aside 5 hours per week. This allows adequate time for learning, applying the knowledge, participating in the weekly calls, and engaging with the support group. However, your commitment may vary based on your personal pace and learning style. 

— Jennifer

"I’ve sold out my workshop and only started the program 1 month ago!“

What will your week look like in 6 months from now?

Will you be...

Sitting in the same spot, letting more time slip away as you stare at your finances, wondering if you will need to go back to your unfulfilling 9 to 5 job...

Or, will you have new students signing up every week to your offers, thanking you for the impact you are making on their life and knowing exactly how to attract new students for all your yoga offerings?

That's up to you.


Join Elevate Program


One time payment

6-month payment plan

i am ready

Save $200!

Get started today!

“I’m currently offering 99% of my teaching online—only 1% is live.

Gwen’s a great person to align your passion with the lifestyle you want to lead without feeling depleted and overwhelmed.”

- Abigail Taugwalder