Growing a sustainable and profitable yoga business in 2023 means adding some online yoga offerings!

Calling all yoga teachers who want to expand their income and impact.

Would you feel confident enough to make this a priority?

what If there was a straightforward way for you to grow Your income with online yoga offers...

The offers you create directly affect the $$$ you generate and the impact you make.

I don’t need to tell you that...

You don’t need another yoga teacher training to feel confident or a course on how to grow your Instagram or the regurgitated blog that tells you how to find your niche…

But you don’t know what you don’t know, right?!

You know you have to offer something beyond drop-in classes to get more students and income. 

But how?

How to create irresistible offers and market them easily without being 24/7 on social media?

You realized that following bits of advice from blogs, podcasts and social media have not worked for you and you are ready to apply a proven step-by-step method that you know over a hundred yoga teachers have applied with success.

You have systems in place that bring you regular new students and support past students to re-enrol.

Feeling confident that the offers you created can bring you the income you desire.

Creating content with ease that truly makes an impact on your audience's life.


Unsure about how to get new students every month or even keep the students you have.

Thinking that you might have to return to your 9 to 5 job, to sustain yourself financially.

Feeling frustrated to have spent 4 hours creating a post that no one sees...

Go from...

Take a second to imagine what being a yoga teacher could mean for you.

The exciting news is …

all of this is waiting for you!

The only thing standing in your way is having an easy and repeatable step-by-step method to create and sell your offers.

And no, it’s not too much to ask ;)

I’ve taken my last 8+ years of growing a yoga business online and in person to create a proven step-by-step method to design and sell any yoga offers.

And now, it’s yours.

A 6-month group coaching program for yoga teachers who want to expand their teaching online to increase their income and impact.

Elevate Program


Say bye-bye to offers that don't sell, wasted time creating useless content, pushy sales methods, loneliness and lack of organisation.

The program is a no-fluff, right to the point program.

With short and effective learning videos, worksheets to take action, technical tutorials to avoid any panic and templates to go faster!

Also twice per week group coaching live (and replay) all year round with personalized follow-up and direct access to me, on-demand workshops, and a private community and chat to ask any question that comes up.


Is your personalized solution to:

Learn what to post to grow your community and transform followers into paying students.

Get my bulletproof framework to create irresistible offers that your audience cannot refuse.

Gain confidence and learn how to sell your offers with ease and authenticity without being salesy.

  • Have a solid plan to launch your new (or next) business offering so that it actually sells.

  • Learn a repeatable process that you can apply over and over for all new offers you create.

  • Grow your online community to create a sustainable & independent student base.

  • Be well on your way to no longer relying solely on teaching at studios & gyms to pay the bills.

  • Have a global network of like-minded, supportive women yoga teachers to learn & collaborate with.

  • Be in the process of stepping into a bigger & more fulfilling life as a business owner.

So by the end of the six months, you will:

What's waiting for you inside

To discover your niche, learn how to grow your community online and create sold out offers.

The 9 modules are our proven step-by-step method to create and sell your offers!

This includes Masterclasses, Homework with personalized feedback, Workshops, Templates, Email Sequences, SWIPE copies, Content Calendars etc. 
All ready for you to use!

You can even access all the past coaching sessions (over 150)!

Lifetime Access to Our 9 Modules

Whatever you have done until now just made you even more ready for what is coming!

You realised you cannot do it by yourself, so it is time to get an expert who has built a successful business online and in person to tell you exactly what works and what does not.

+ yes, you will get direct feedback on EVERYTHING.

We have weekly checkups to decide what you have to do week by week and show you exactly how to do it!

6-month Weekly Coaching Calls

You will get access to our small private community of women yoga teachers. 

In this safe space, you will find your accountability buddy and support from other teachers going through the same steps as you. We are together through the ups and downs.

You will get guidance and support from our experts on how to use social media, manage your time every week, and so much more. 

Everything you need is here!

Private Community
Of Yoga Teachers

50 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance

Oh hold up!

We also go some sweet bonuses for you👇

Bonus 1 (Value at $297)

Engage With Purpose

Your solution to create an engaged community online! This includes video tutorial to help you optimize your social media, template content calendar, swipe copies of welcome messages and so much more! 

Bonus 2 (Value at $297)

The Freebie Workshop

Grow your email list by creating an attracting free resource (that is not a free yoga class!). You will get 3 different templates to choose from with landing page template and an email sequence you can copy/paste and re-use again and again. This is my exact method to gain hundreds of email subscribers, and now it is yours.

Bonus 3 (Value at $197)

The Productivity Masterclass

Learn how to get organized depending on your personality and goals. You will access my own tracking sheet to help you re-organize the way you work so you can spend less time in front of your phone and computer. You will also get a specific worksheet with tasks you should be focusing on depending on where you are at in your yoga biz.

"Thanks to Gwen. Only 1 week after launching my online program it was already sold out!" 

- Julie M.

“If you’re anything like me and want to get your yoga business set up online yesterday, not in six months, Gwen takes you step by step.

I took her advice, and my program was set up and launched in less than two months and was so successful—I had 30 people enroll. 

This has helped me grow my business and I can do what I love, which is helping people.”

Jackie Suginada
Kundalini Yoga teacher

“You can definitely trust Gwen. I used to hate social media and finally, I really love it. I grew a community for my ideal students for my niche, and in less than 3 months, I had more than 1,000 members.

I cannot imagine how I could do this so quickly without Gwen. Now I’m loving marketing that I used to hate so much.”

- Pauline Blaquiere
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher


Challenge only discount

Join Elevate Program


One time payment

12-month payment plan

i am ready

Save $350!

Price valid from March 14th to 21st

How it works

My Signature 3-Part Process


part 1 - Refine your expertise and embrace your uniqueness

We start by uncovering your values and personal story to identify your zone of genius and what will make you stand out online. This is also where you will ditch your limiting beliefs and build your confidence as a yoga teacher so you can stand out online.

PART 2 - Grow your community and set up your offer suite

Next, we will create the perfect branding and messaging to attract the right students. This is also the time that you will learn how to create content that your community love, convert followers into paying students and start growing your email list. As you understand your students better, you will be able to set up a suite of offers that help them with their practice and goals.

PART 3 - Sell your offers and grow your income

In this section, you will learn the different ways to sell your offers with beta students that can test your offer, selling with automation, launching or even selling using your content. Everything that you need to launch your offers from content plan to live event magic formula to templates and DM script are ALL inside!

Ready to unleash your potential as a yoga teacher?

This is your moment!

i am ready

As a business and marketing strategist for yoga teachers, I help you take your in-person yoga career to the next level by building out a profitable online yoga business.

How can you trust I’ll be able to help you build a thriving business teaching yoga beyond solely in-person classes? Because I’ve done it myself! 

With dozens of online courses, hundreds of successful students, and transformational online yoga masterminds reaching students all over the world, I’m an example of all the possibilities that are in reach for yoga teachers just like you.

I have been mentoring and coaching yoga teachers like you since 6+ years and I am so passionate about showing you how you can live from your passion of teaching yoga by adding online offers.

As a mama of a little 4 years old boy and living on a tiny 7km2 island close to Bali (Indonesia) I believe that it is important to build a business that suit a balanced lifestyle.

Yoga Business Coach, Marketing Strategist & Yoga Teacher Trainer

Hi, I'm Gwen!


Get All Your Questions Answered

Upon purchase, you will be emailed login access to your Elevate 6-month program dashboard. This hosts all modules, resources, and spreadsheets. In this same email, you will get access to our private community and the link to join your first coaching call. 


To fit all the timezone, we have two weekly calls. Currently, calls are on Mondays at 8 am and 3 pm Bali time (GMT+8).


All the calls are recorded. You can ask questions at any time during the week for quick answers. For longer feedback, you can submit your question before the live call for Gwen to answer it live.


Gwen will check the Support group daily, M-Fr, for any pending questions that need her attention and will provide an answer within 24-48 hours. We also have a chat, only for the current students, where you can ask questions at any time, 24/7. Not only will she be answering your Q’s but she’ll be hosting bi-weekly Live sessions.


Yes! Because the offers you want to create are unique and very different from any other type of service, this course is only for yoga teachers.


We suggest committing a minimum of 5 hours weekly to this program.


You will get access to everything as soon as you purchase the program.

— Jennifer

"I’ve sold out my workshop and only started the program 1 month ago!“

What will your week look like in 6 months from now?

Will you be...

Sitting in the same spot, letting more time slip away as you stare at your finances, wondering if you will need to go back to your unfulfilling 9 to 5 job...

Or, will you have new students signing up every week to your offers, thanking you for the impact you are making on their life and knowing exactly how to attract new students for all your yoga offerings?

That's up to you.


Challenge only discount

Join Elevate Program


One time payment

12-month payment plan

i am ready

Save $350!

Price valid from March 14th to 21st

“I’m currently offering 99% of my teaching online—only 1% is live.

Gwen’s a great person to align your passion with the lifestyle you want to lead without feeling depleted and overwhelmed.”

- Abigail Taugwalder